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One out of every 10 construction workers is accidentally injured every year. Many non-construction workers are also injured annually. For these injured workers, construction litigation or other personal injury claims may be the only way to receive compensation for employee negligence. Personal injury claims are also an opportunity to gain needed funds to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and expenses related to quality-of-life issues.

Have you been hurt on a construction site or other work site? Has a scaffolding, ladder or falling object accident caused injury? Have you experienced physical harm due to a defective product or tool, or the violation of an OSHA, building code, municipal code or architectural code? We can help.

Our office has handled hundreds of construction litigation and on-the-job personal injury claims, including third-party accidents involving contractors. Even if you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits or have settled a workers’ compensation claim for a lump sum, you may still be eligible for a claim against a third party, including homeowners, contractors and commercial property owners.

Recent construction litigation and jobsite injury claims we have handled include:
  • Our client was hit by falling bricks while working as a subcontractor at a residential home. There was no proper guarding above him. We achieved a substantial settlement to compensate him for his injuries and loss of income.
  • Our client was injured from a defective staircase at a construction site; there was no guard or handrail to provide needed protection. Our client fell and suffered head and back injuries. We won a six-figure settlement.
  • A Texas client slipped and fell at work due to a defective walkway that was not treated with slip-resistant paint. He aggravated a preexisting condition. We won a $400,000 settlement for him.
  • A client from Connecticut fractured his leg on a defective walkway. We achieved a six-figure settlement on his behalf.

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