Negligent Entrustment – $625,000.00

A Marlborough, MA man received a $625,000.00 Judgment after having been injured in a motorcycle accident in 2006. This young man was injured when another motorcycle operated by a person, with limited driving experience and a poor driving history, caused the motorcycle crash. This person was also operating an uninsured and unregistered vehicle. Suit was brought against the company that

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Arbitration Award: $36,389.00

Car Accident Injury A Framingham man received an award of $36,389.00 after suffering a back injury in a motor vehicle accident.  The accident happened in October of 2009 and was arbitrated in September of 2012.  The client suffered no lost wages, but did suffer in a limitation of activities that he could reasonably perform.  The arbitration award was offset by

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General Litigation – $575,00.00 on counterclaim

General Litigation A Sterling, Massachusetts company received a $575,000.00 settlement as a result of a counterclaim for damages related to a wood chipper that was contaminated by a fuel delivery person pouring diesel fuel into the hydraulic oil tank.  The settlement encompassed both damages to the machine itself in the amount of $50,000.00, plus economic loss for the time the

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Work Site Injury Settlement – $430,000.00

Work Site Injury Middlesex Superior Court. Cambridge, Massachusetts Texas man injured in a slip and fall at worksite. Injury was an aggravation of a pre-existing injury requiring subsequent operation. The injury took place on property owned by Intel, Inc. in Massachusetts and involved soft tissue back injuries.

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