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Wrongful death claims are civil actions in which a person or organization can be held liable for a death. Close relatives of the deceased usually initiate them. Though a financial award cannot assuage the emotional loss caused by wrongful death, a suit for damages can help achieve justice and provide needed funds at a difficult time.

We have handled dozens of wrongful death and fatal car accident claims, and hundreds more for serious, catastrophic and traumatic personal injury. Wrongful death claims often arise from negligence and carelessness regarding medical prescriptions, motor vehicles, medical treatment or driving drunk, and often occur at construction sites, nursing homes, hospitals and bars where “dram shop” laws govern the serving of excessive alcohol quantities. Wrongful death can also occur during recreation, including boating or drowning accidents.

In one case, our client’s loved one received a St. Jude Medical, Inc. artificial heart valve to help improve their heart function. The valve malfunctioned, killing the patient. We filed suit against St. Jude Medical Inc. and recovered a substantial sum for our clients, the family of the deceased. Other cases have involved unexpected death during routine surgical procedures, the over-prescription or improper medication of psychiatric patients, death by motor vehicle accidents, including deaths caused by drunk drivers.

Our firm is skilled at proving negligence and liability, both of which are necessary to successfully recover damages. We work with investigators and medical professionals to build each case, and to ensure that each client has a strong hand at settlement time; we prepare each case as though it is going to trial.

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