Attorney Morte stands far above the rest.

Attorney Morte will get the job done with finesse and professionalism

I was shocked on one particular Sunday morning to learn that I had my first court appearance for my divorce coming up on Friday. I was not represented at that time so I immediately got on line to seek council. Attorney Morte returned my inquiry in less than one hour with a personal phone call…on a Sunday morning. We met for the first time in his office on that Friday at 6:30 am, just two hours before our court appearance, and with very little knowledge of the case, went on like a true professional in court. He has since continued to be a very honest and trustworthy person who closed my case to my complete satisfaction. I would certainly recommend him to anyome requiring council. Two side notes; My ex wife’s attorney complimented Attorney Morte on two seperate occassions for his abilities. And to this day, none of my other Sunday morning inquiries for council have even bothered to return my calls. Attorney Morte stands far above the rest.

R. Thompson – Divorce Client