Representative Cases

Mailman’s Recovery

A mail courier working for the U.S. Post Office fell and injured his shoulder when delivering mail. The mail carrier fell through a porch that was being reconstructed and left unguarded. Ultimately, the mail carrier had shoulder surgery, which the defendant maintained wasn’t related to the fall. A recovery was fully made to compensate the client for his lost income

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Sudden Denial of Mortgage

Despite a commitment from a bank to provide financing for the purchase of a new home, that bank, suddenly and without warning, decided that they would not provide financing. As a result, the client lost all his deposit money and was not able to purchase his home. This sudden breach of contract was actionable and suit was brought against this

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Alimony Denial

A recent divorced client, who was facing years of potential alimony payments, was relieved and satisfied to obtain a complete waiver of past, present and future alimony. With recent changes in Massachusetts related to the payment of alimony, many men face the potential of alimony payments that could linger until they retire. With the advent of legislature in 2012 related

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