Divorce Matters and Restraining Order Cases

Restraining Orders

Often times a Restraining Order will serve as the first step to a divorce action.

Attorney Morte has successful challenged Restraining Orders that were obtained without advance notice and a hearing.  When the time came for presentation of the full set of facts and there was an opportunity for cross-examination, these Restraining Orders were dropped.


Attorney Morte has helped numerous clients obtain Alimony in accordance with the recently enacted Alimony laws in Massachusetts.  The new laws generally allow for a spouse to obtain Alimony that ranges between 30% to 35% of the difference in income where there has been a long-term marriage.  Attorney Morte has been successful in obtaining awards for both men and women.


Attorney Morte has handled hundreds of Modifications of Divorce Judgment where there has been a material change of circumstances allowing for modification.

These cases include:

  • cases where there has been a change in custody allowing for the elimination of child support.
  • cases where there has been either an increase or decrease in income requiring a modification of child support or alimony.

Attorney Morte has represented individuals who had no counsel during the divorce process and who were taken advantage of during the process due to a mental or physical impairment.  Attorney Morte successful was able to overturn a divorce judgment after the fact, because the client was not aware of what he gave up.

Attorney Morte represents both women and men in the divorce/Modification process.