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E.M. Sudbury, MA

After reviewing some of my business affairs, I decided to write you a note of appreciation for all that you have done for me over the past few years.

When my husband and I first came to you we were impressed with how you handled my case with such professionalism and warmth. We were both confident that whatever the outcome, you would do the best you could for us. Thankfully, the result of the law suit was in our favor.

Little did I realize the quandary I would have only a few years later. As you may recall, only a few weeks after the sudden loss of my husband, I suffered a bad fall in a local department store in which I suffered a fractured patella. When I called on you for help your kindness was immeasurable. You came to my home and, handled my case with the utmost of professionalism and sensitivity. The end result again, was in my favor and there were no worries of outstanding medical bills. It is a pleasure doing business with you as you have always been readily available to answer questions and to address any concerns that I may have. You have continually gone out of your way to make things easier for me.

I just wanted to let you know that not only are you a gentleman but you are the quintessential professional.

E.M. Sudbury, MA