Motorcycle Group Ride – Accidents and Injuries

Many motorcyclists are quick to sign up for group rides.  There is no shortage of them especially in Massachusetts.  Our riding season is generally shorter than many parts of the country.

Every weekend there is a group charity ride going somewhere.  Many motorcyclists are willing to quickly sign up to participate for these rides because the cause is important to them.  They are quick to fill out the registration form and pay the fee and they often sign off on the release of liability agreement required to participate in such a run.  Signing a form of this type does not make the ride any safer or remove liability from all participants.

Group rides of this nature are inherently dangerous despite their popularity.  Most of the participants don’t know each other.  They haven’t ridden together before.  Many riders have never ridden in a group and are completely dependent on the group leaders to guide them and teach them how to safely ride in a group.  Their riding style is unpredictable to more experienced riders in a group and their behavior in an emergency has the potential to add to an already dangerous situation.

Accidents involving motorcycle group rides are often catastrophic.  One motorcycle losing control in a group of motorcycles can cause a series of follow-on accidents, a domino effect. Drivers of automobiles often contribute to group ride accidents as drivers become distracted with the number of motorcycles, noise, and confusion.

There are several concerns regarding liability, limits of liability, and limits of liability waivers after a group motorcycle accident.  Conduct of leaders of a group ride ensuring safety throughout all segments of the ride, conduct of individual riders, conduct of any other vehicles involved in the accident, condition of the roadway, and other unforeseen events all play a role in determining liability in an accident of this nature.

If you are a victim of an accident during a group motorcycle ride in Massachusetts, contact our attorneys for a free case evaluation. We will help identify the responsible parties and determine liability so you may receive compensation for your injuries.


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