Divorce Questions

How do we handle the financial aspects of a divorce?

Additional Information: My husband moved out of our Southboro home almost 2 years ago.  We’re on good terms with one another and share custody of our 2 children.  He currently pays for daycare for our son and I’d like to ask him to help with the children’s medical/dental expenses.  We have no assets to divide. ATTORNEY ANSWER: Unless and until

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Will money earned after separation be awarded to my ex?

Additional Information: My wife and I have been separated for over a year. I am living with a new partner and considering starting my own business. Will my wife have any claim on the monies when we go through the divorce? ATTORNEY ANSWER: Until the divorce has been finalized the court may divide up assets even though they may have

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In MA, can child support be modified without going to court?

Additional Information: My ex and I have agreed to lowered payments and we have drawn up a new agreement which we both signed.  Is what we did legally binding or can she sue me for back child support? ATTORNEY ANSWER: The agreement should be filed and approved by the court in order for it to be valid. It would be

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In Massachusetts, how are assets divided in a divorce?

Additional Information: We have been married for over thirty years, unfortunately, I now realize that all of our assets are in my husband’s name.  Does this mean that if I file for divorce I will not get anything? ATTORNEY ANSWER: Not at all.  It matters little to a Probate Judge whose name the property is in.  Rather, the Judges in

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